On the Right Road to the Promised Land

From economic passengers to economic drivers

Black America’s economic malaise is historic, chronic, systemic, and atrophied. Moving the needle on sustainable black-wealth-building requires courageous, focused and aligned strategies which can best be effectuated by the three institutions on which black America has relied throughout history, i.e., the black Church, HBCUs, and government. Within these three lie the resources to get black Americans back on the right road to the promised land, from economic passengers to economic drivers.
Tony Reviews the 2525 wealth Plan
Anthony (“Tony”) Rogers
  • Over 30 years in leadership in the financial services industry including as vice president of a Fortune 100 corporation
  • Licensed attorney who graduated from the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University
  • Featured in Financial Planning and Black Enterprise magazines, as well as the Miami Herald newspaper
  • Former board member of the Florida International University Foundation, the Coral Gables Community Foundation, the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Foundation and the Adrienne Arsht Performing Arts Center Planned Giving Committee
Referencing 2016 data which indicated average white household net worth was 10 times greater than the average black household, the article describes the disparity as “staggering,” and this was before the economic impact of the global COVID pandemic.

Tony Rogers

Author, On the right road to the promised land